TBX2RDFService Term bases

A termbase, or term base (a contraction of ‘terminology database’), is a database consisting of concept-oriented terminological entries (or ‘concepts’) and related information, usually in multilingual format. A termbase allows for the systematic management of approved or verified terms and is a powerful tool for promoting consistency in terminology (Wikipedia).

TBX2RDFService TBX Terminologies

Term Base eXchange (TBX) is an open standard the for interchange of terminological data. It has been published by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) and it is ISO standard 30042

TBX2RDFService RDF Terminologies

The RDF version of a termbase is more suitable to be linked to other terminologies.

These are the recommended guidelines towards publishing linked multilingual terminologies.

This site provides the service that transforms terminologies from TBX to RDF. For a description of this service please check:

Linked Terminology: Applying Linked Data Principles to Terminological Resources, JP. Cimiano, J. McCrae, V. Rodriguez-Doncel, T. Gornostay, A. Gomez-Perez and B. Simoneit in Proc. of the 4th Biennial Conference on Electronic Lexicography (to appear 2015)

Additionally, the TBX to RDF conversion functionality is provided as a service, see the API description

Guidelines for Linguistic Linked Data Generation on Multilingual Terminologies (TBX) have been published by the Best W3C Practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data Community Group.

Finally, as a sample, copyright-related term bank as been published here as Linked Data